Sea Trust wouldn’t exist without all the support of our many wonderful volunteers. As a mainly volunteer led community organisation we are always looking for new volunteers.

Our volunteer roles are very varied but include:

marine wildlife surveys (land and boat based), aquarium tours & maintenance, assisting with school group visits, administrative roles, DIY, front of house etc.

Sea Trust Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

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Apply for a volunteering role

If you would like to become a Sea Trust volunteer please email info@seatrust.org.uk stating which volunteer opportunities you would like to do.

Volunteer Statements

Porpoise Photo ID volunteer Rose Ciappara:

“Life would be so sad without porp ID!”

Porpoise Photo ID volunteer Marion Tyrrell:

Being accepted as a volunteer has given me a means to reconnect with the marine side of the natural world. I’ve learned quite a bit about cetaceans and other ocean creatures as well as enjoying the benefits (both physical and mental) of being out on the coast in the fresh air. Through meeting and working/socialising with other volunteers and staff I feel more part of the local community.”   

Porpoise Photo ID volunteer Ben Hughes:

“I have been volunteering with the Sea Trust in Pembrokeshire since September. And in that short time I’ve been welcomed as part of the team, met some really lovely people, learned so much about marine mammals and had some amazing sightings. It’s been an amazing experience so far, and such a warm friendly environment to work in.”

Porpoise Photo ID volunteer Sean Murphy:

“It has increased my knowledge of  and interest in the wildlife, particularly cetaceans, that are to be found off our coast. I have met a lot of nice people. Regular attendance has given a structure to my week. I feel that I am contributing to a useful and worthwhile project.”

Porpoise Photo ID volunteer Adrian Tyrrell:

“I volunteered as I’m interested in Marine life and conservation and wanted to ‘give back’ something into the community in which I grew up.  The Project has brought me into contact with various groups of people who I clearly would not have met otherwise, including many people who stop and talk at the strumble head survey point.  We are able to spread the word to these people about how important the area is and how, with a bit of knowledge, anyone can watch the marine life on show there.  I find it extremely rewarding to be able to volunteer and give something to the community, the sea trust itself and the more general population who we are able to engage with.  It’s also great to engage with people of all ages and backgrounds, not just those in my peer group.”